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Информационные технологии в обществе About the Bowl of Graal

About the Bowl of Graal

In history of mankind there is no other subject, for its possession within many centuries would struggle so many people. Priests of secret religions, the secular lords, great scientists - all dreamed of Graal - the mystical relic opening a way to superhuman knowledge and enabling to dominate over the world.

Under the legend, Graal can allocate the person with supernatural opportunities, present an eternal life and any desire.

In a new epoch truths become esoteric - accessible to everyone who can understand them. Secret knowledge becomes national.
During the come century information technologies are of all greater value. They possess wider information space, represent system " the Person - the machine ", consist of specially trained and prepared people who remove the information from objects of management, conduct gathering, processing and transfer information streams and -technological base of information systems.
For studying the Universe we use simultaneously the scientific approach and "extrasensor" abilities of experts. The isolated information on the Bowl of Graal from the Information Field of the Earth (IFE) was received by us during last two years. Originally we have not paid attention to this information: there was neither time, nor desire to touch mystical ancient secrets. Gradually we have reconsidered the point of view.
Here the part of the information on the Bowl of the Graal, which has acted from IFE in May - October, 2007, is presented.
" The word " Graal " contains the following information: about own development and development of associates, cleanness of mind, independence, discipline, understanding of value of good fair work, aspiration to the general harmony, business in everything, about the strong, thorough world, existence of gift to unite people with the general interests and ideas, about traditions forever " (Bormina L.V.).
During energy - information researches from the Information Field of the Earth such information has acted here:
- the Bowl of Graal is a symbol of Far Ancestors.
- the Bowl is a symbol of gods when people become as gods …

- the Bowl has a symbol of Justice - a symbol of the Maximum Spirits.

In Space concept "justice" is a trust to the person. Justice is applied differently. When the person is awarded this (i.e. trust) it can touch an edge of the Bowl.

It is filled by such Light, that the "dark" Soul cannot touch the Bowl.

- the Bowl of Graal is a jewelry of the Earth and the Galaxy.
- the Bowl of Graal is one of riches of a planet: it is invaluable, it is similar to the Fleece, a symbol of Eternity.
- the Bowl of Graal is that which is piously and can’t be measured by mind.
- the Bowl of Graal - one of the strongest for the Mighties of this world.
- it has a form of a hemisphere. (the hemisphere is just also similar to the Bowl).
- there is a Confederation in the Star World which allocates with power that Creation which is ready for creation.
So selection of people (human Souls) by a long-term life is conducted.
- the Symbol of the Bowl is a symbol of high service, the creative Spirit, ready to undergo to any tests in the name of achievement of the prime target.
- the Bowl of Graal is wonder-working Mother who is capable to bring up Great people. - the Bowl of Graal is a Great Father who cultivates Wise men.

- it is necessary to bring the information on service of people to the planet in the Information Field of the Earth.

- For each century – its own appropriate Bowl (Graal).
- the Bowl of Graal is Light for a new earthly civilization.
- the Bowl of Graal is a Star which will shine to people the Earth during XXI century.
- annually in New Year it is necessary "to bring" symbolically on a planet the Bowl of Graal.

It can simultaneously fill with good fortune a plenty of people.

The bowl of Graal is the Truth which has come to the World. It is desirable energy information work on the Bowl of Graal to spend in commonwealth) with the goddess of True Маат.
- it’s a valued process, that the Bowl of Graal "has landed" on the Earth. At height 600 - 800 meters from the Earth in the Thin World the Bowl of Graal is. It passes through itself Light, as if a huge sieve. Light which has been passed through the Bowl of Graal, gives the person with an opportunity to live about 600 years. Light promotes immortality. .
  • The Bowl of Graal on the Earth is a perfection of life (?) on a planet.
  • the Bowl of Graal is a basis of life for Russia. (?)
  • the bowl of Graal can help with creation of the New Person.

  • Originally the Bowl of Graal also was a nutrient medium for the Person. The bowl of Graal is nutritious Light from which the future person will be embodied. It is desirable, that there was Light in the form of a pink-violet fog. It is a nutrient medium for a life-giving Essence.
On the Earth usual "nutrient medium" - colorless. For Great Mind the "nutrient medium" similar to a pink-violet fog is necessary.
- the Bowl of Graal is a font not only for children, but also for all people.
- It is desirable to bring such information in the Information Field of the Universe and the Galaxy: " the New Person of Aquarius epoch - the Person of New Culture ". It will promote arrival of New Children from the far Star Worlds who will bring a lot of Light to the Earth. On the planet beautiful, colorful, big Light also will come…

Culture is a set of Rules.

The Bowl should be mentally placed all over the planet.
On places of "sandboxes" all over the Earth it is necessary to place mentally the mini-bowls of Graal filled by "nutrient medium" (pink-violet "fog"). "Sandboxes" are places where people gather, i. е. stadiums, theatres, cinemas, discos, palaces of culture, parks, and also factories, schools, High schools, etc. As a rule, bioenergy experts mentally place on the ground the Spiritual Vessels. About healing people by means of the Bowl of Graal the information is received the first time. It is also one of methods of Information medicine.
It is possible to collect the multielement battery from hemispheres, giving powerful radiation. For example, the pressure created by the four-element battery, represents a normal pressure of a cell of the person or an animal with an excellent state of health.
Thus, the Bowl is a Powerful Healer of people and animals.
The bowl of Graal is intended for discovering spiritual potential of people.
- It is necessary to put to the Bowl protection from Soldiers of light, the Angels of the world keeping the world on Globe. - The Jewelry of the Bowl that Person-master who can realize by the mind who can "play" with Light. The Professional master is capable "to play" with 48 shades of Light. The secret of Light was known by ancient inhabitants of the Earth and they were strong knowing it! - In the New epoch all planets "change clothes" in new colors of Light. The Earth, possibly, becomes not blue, but dark-dark blue …
- The bowl of Graal can change streams of Light to carry out certain functions. In many respects the information received by us from the Information Field of the Earth about the Bowl of Graal coincides with opinions of other authors. - " Graal is a symbol, its search is infinite, as search of understanding of sense divine is infinite.

- Graal is a symbol of cleanliness, transparency, not muddy primacy. Graal is associated with springs the cleanest water and not deformed ancient wisdom first of all.
- Graal is " a stone of light ", a jewel brought to the Earth a galaxy of angels and so brightly shining, that in front of it “all terrestrial grows dark”.
- It is known the mention that Graal remains hidden for a human eye; many applicants from every corner of the world in heroic struggle tried to possess it but without any success, because only the person chosen by God can achieve the aim.
Graal is invisible to those who are not worthy to come nearer to it, and on the contrary, it feeds with wonderful image those who has the right to approach to it, and shines with their supernatural light. - Aspiring to touch Graal should pass a number of tests, be cleared, prove, that he is really worthy, to have thus exclusively pure thoughts and spotless soul.
- Graal was from the sky, means, there and it is necessary to search for it in the Southern hemisphere - this Bowl is magic. Beholding it, the person rejuvenates and finds an eternal youth; from the person who is being near to it, illnesses recede, before it the death is declined even. - Graal is a flower of any happiness; it brings such completeness of blessings on the ground, that its merits were almost equal to what can be seen only in Heavenly Reign.
- It is possible to consider, that Graal symbolizes fire of “Sacred spirit”. (V. Nadezhdina) it is possible, Light in the form of a pink-violet fog can give our planet not by the only star of our Galaxy. But at this time during a working session with the Information Field of the Earth in the acted information the following has been told: - It is supposed, that during Aquarius epoch earthmen will actively cooperate with the Galaxy.
- It is desirable to dress (mentally) a globe a poured light necklace from precious stones. The symbolical necklace is a bridge between planets. –The Aquarius epoch - a peace epoch. To accelerate arrival of peace times it is possible by means of the Moon and other planets. In a biofield of the person about 25 % of the Moonlight and as much of the Sunlight. The majority of people consider, that the Moon radiates silvery light, and the Sun - golden. The sun radiates Light of dark blue color, and the Moon radiates white-pink Light.
In open spaces of the Universe Light changes the structure and Light of the Sun reaches globe yellow, and light of the Moon - white-silvery. - The principle of healing people by the Moonlight is its Light in the form of a pink-violet fog. Light in the form of pink-violet color is desirable for the Bowl of Graal. The bowl as it is told above, represents a hemisphere. And in fact the Moon in separate days of a month represents a hemisphere …
Our long-term experience energy information researches shows, that there are features an energy information exchange in different regions of the country. The information on the Bowl of Graal has acted from the Information Field of the Earth in territory Samara Luka which is considered the Good Earth. During energy information researches in the Stone Bowl, and as a whole on Samara Luka, purposeful work of the Maximum Consciousness on discovering the person as Со- creator was precisely traced.
Almost in all sessions of our work with hidden Teachers of Mankind and with the Information Field of the Earth under a different corner of sight often there is a conversation of the Person. Possibly, the person became "brake" on a way to evolution of the Galaxy. " The space Worlds " hardly understand: who is clever, and who is the fool. These concepts are cleanly terrestrial. For Space other estimations of the human being are important: his power consumption, i.e. parameters of a biofield ".
Space sends Light to the Earth, but not all people in condition to accept it, because the power centers - chakras are half closed. To add Light in a biofield means to add mind. People ask from the God for themselves favour. For the person - the envoy of Space it is important to keep contact with the Space Native land and to ask from it Light for maintenance of sensible mind and health. Plasma of the person is weaved from Light. Plasma is a Spirit of the person, its Maximum "I".
On a planet the Earth the person comes to transfer space Light, reception (set) of Light of this planet, knowledge of energy of Love and, certainly, various energies, arising owing to emotions. The soul comes to the Earth for knowledge of Love and various emotions. Finally, it serves an ascent of the Maximum "I" on steps of development. The molecule of DNA excites many minds. It is written about both in publications of scientists and in esoteric literature. For us the molecule of DNA is space energy information structure, built in the person’s biofield.
It is possible to tell, that it is a computer connecting the person with Space and the Earth, with his past, the present and future. The spirals of DNA develop, including, and by means of Light. Codonam of DNA are needed Light always. The more Light of different color, the more immunity are against illnesses. Light is necessary to change structure of blood. Light helps people to wake up from a five hundred space dream of an epoch of Cali-Uga, and certainly, from a dream in which there was our country approximately since 1989.

" Good morning, the country! "

And it would be desirable to say these words again.

Our intention is : the Russian - the Owner of the destiny and the country. He cares of maintenance of all with the salary, meal, and about return and development of people culture, the spiritual century traditions, the lost fundamental laws of life.
Such information is brought in the Information Field of the Galaxy and the Earth: - The Era of Peaceful Creators has come. - People of the Earth of divine love are full of wisdom. They live and work " in glory of the Creator and the Earth ". - During come epoch of Satia-Uga the Earth is a place of Paradise in the Universe!
- The new person of Aquarius epoch - the Person of New culture. - On the Earth there have come times of ution by people of mission Со-creator. Their Great Service is those.
- the Bowl of Graal - for discovering spiritual potential of inhabitants of the planet.
- the Bowl of Graal - for discovering intellectual, creative, spiritual, labour, social potential of inhabitants of Russia. The information on the Bowl of Graal deserves serious attention. The part of the information has been not decoded by us yet.
Heavenly Keepers of Graal have slightly opened its secret. The truth for the majority of people opens not at once, but gradually. "The light carrying Universe is operated by Light. Light is an alive Substance, many-sided. It can’t be seen by usual sight. It is accessible to children, and also the people possessing clairvoyance. The bowl of Graal is filled by light of heavenly spheres. Light is a Life. And it is pious.

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The information on the Bowl of Graal is given, in our opinion, in connection with construction of new collective Consciousness, for acceleration of evolutionary processes in a new era on the Earth. Researches are being done.
Sorokina Ludmila Aleksandrovna
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